Health & Wellbeing

Feeling good in the Great South Coast!

There are a remarkable 12 hospitals across the Great South Coast servicing health needs from oncology and maternity to mental health and emergencies. Attracting many of Australia's finest doctors, nurses and health professionals, healthcare is of central importance to the region.

Supporting this, community nurses, dentists, child and maternal health centres, pharmacies and alternative health practitioners provide the highest quality care and - most of the time - there is no waiting required..!

Quality aged care and aged care facilties are also readily available. Operated and staffed by highly trained professionals - they are comparable and in many cases superior to their major city counterparts.  

From a wellbeing perspective, the region offers a magnificent diversity of options.

Protected rainforests, spectacular coastline, mountain cliffs, lakes and waterfalls offer the outdoor enthusiast a multitude of options to get active and enjoy the sheer beauty of the region. 

There are also a number of state-of-the-art sporting complexes as well as award winning golf courses, acquatic centres and facilities for every conceivable sporting pursuit.

What are you wainting for?

 The Great South Coast really has it all..






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Employment opportunities abound across the Great South Coast

Ideas, experience, energy and enthusiasm. If you have these, the Great South Coast is the place for you. Employment opportunities across the region have dramatically increased as a result of booming tourism along the Victorian coastline. This has created an dramatic increase in tourism related jobs as well as other sector opportunities.

To make it even easier, we have created a Great South Coast Jobsite just for you.

Considering any move can be daunting. There are a myriad of factors to be considered not the least of which is where to move to.

Add to this, employment, schooling, housing and lifestyle factors and the process can become almost insurmountable.

So, where to begin?

Our experience tells us that most re-locators are simply looking for a ‘better life’ for their families. More affordable, more room, more freedom, more time, and with the same work and schooling opportunities available in the big cities.

is this possible to achieve?

We believe it is.

Roll over the locations to find out why.