The Great South Coast  – Who said you couldn’t afford great housing?

The Great South Coast has housing to suit all tastes and budgets. Where else can you afford to live in a heritage listed home just 2 minutes from the CBD? Where backyards are backyards and not simply overgrown patios? Where better to raise a family than an affordable home with all the comforts that were simply unaffordable in the city. Your own pool, garage, even a media room!

Whether it's acreage close to the beautiful and tranquil Otway rainforest or in the rural villages of Birregurra and Beeac – there are simply endless options available to you.

If you want to build your own dream home, huge blocks of land are available and affordable. As important, all are within minutes of the town centres, arterial roads and a lifestyle that cannot be matched.

At present the median house price across the region is approx..$220,000. That’s nearly $500,000 less than for a similar property in Sydney! But you’ll need to be quick as the secret is out.

And don’t worry, be happy! According to Community Indicators Victoria, research undertaken with residents of the Great South Coast show they experience much higher levels of well-being and satisfaction than their city counterparts as well as feeling much safer in their communities. 

It's time to make the move..!

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Employment opportunities abound across the Great South Coast

Ideas, experience, energy and enthusiasm. If you have these, the Great South Coast is the place for you. Employment opportunities across the region have dramatically increased as a result of booming tourism along the Victorian coastline. This has created an dramatic increase in tourism related jobs as well as other sector opportunities.

To make it even easier, we have created a Great South Coast Jobsite just for you.


Considering any move can be daunting. There are a myriad of factors to be considered not the least of which is where to move to.

Add to this, employment, schooling, housing and lifestyle factors and the process can become almost insurmountable.

So, where to begin?

Our experience tells us that most re-locators are simply looking for a ‘better life’ for their families. More affordable, more room, more freedom, more time, and with the same work and schooling opportunities available in the big cities.

is this possible to achieve?

We believe it is.

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